When wine and running collide

Wait a minute. Is that…? It is. It’s the sun! I can’t wait to get out there and run, but I feel like a pile of shit a little off.

Last night, we had a unique opportunity to get together with someone we had never formally met, except through picture and comments. Yes, yesterday we met @Geniopuro from Instragram. A wine lover and budding runner, we naturally hit it off. Because of our shared interest in wine, we ended up really enjoying the winelist at Legal Seafoods’ gorgeous new restaurant, Harborside in Boston’s Seaport District (what a view!).


Geniopuro was in town for Boston’s Run to Remember half-marathon and what better reason to uncork a bottle of ’06 Joseph Phelps Insignia and then a ’08 Jordan Cab. To be fair to the Jordan, it was placed in an unfair position, following one of America’s great wines and was alas rendered largely an afterthought.


As for the Big Boy, perennially the Insignia is a terrific rival to the great Pauillac’s from Bordeaux, both in character and quality. This rendition is no different. Still very much in its youth, it opened up to show characters of blackberry, dried currants, coffee and a wonderful zing of graphite (I loooove the graphite!). The tannins were tight and would probably benefit for another 3-4 years of aging; however at $145 a bottle I doubt these will last that long! The finish was nice and long and had produced a wonderful French oak sweetness. What a terrific wine and a great way to cap off a cool meeting of the minds.

However, all of that cuninary and oenological deliciousness comes with a cost. I’m not one to get hung over, but the side effects of a mojito, numerous glasses of wine and a glass of port has me feeling dumpy and sluggish this morning. I hate feeling dumpy and sluggish. In fact I become a whinny bitch irritable when this phenomenon occurs.

What’s the remedy?

Dr. Senel self-prescribes a solid run, especially since the sun finally decided to come out and provide a decent backdrop after two days of running in the rain and cold. Let’s do this!

Get out there and own your day. Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you KRV for your sacrifice.

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