Mr. Senel goes to Washington

One of the things I love (and hate) about my job is travelling. Yes, it does take me away from my family (hate), but it does allow for me to enjoy diverse landscapes for my daily runs (love).

This week, I hopped on a plane bound for DC with eager anticipation, not only for the work-related presentation and day’s worth of meetings I’ll be holding (which went very well and the crew in DC is terrific), but equally for the opportunity to run amongst our nation’s most beloved monuments.

To get myself prepared, I made sure my mind and body were properly fueled for what turned out to be a faster than planned run (averaged 7:09/m for 8 miles) in some pretty intense heat. To prepare myself during the flight, I turned to a terrific read, Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, and my trusted source of playful energy, Skittles (taste the damn rainbow).


The cab ride from Reagan was quick, but felt unbearably long due to my eagerness to pound asphalt! No sooner had I thrown my luggage on the hotel bed was I out the door again to take in the splendor of our Capitol. Luckily, my hotel was conveniently located near everything.

First stop, visit my buddy Barack Obama. As I was nearing 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Marine One soared over and got the adrenaline pumping full blast. A few moments later, I came up to this charming white house with a black wrought-iron fence and a tremendous rose garden.

White House

After my brief run-in with the Secret Service (kidding…just asked them directions), I was off again, this time to the National Mall for some shopping. After continuing at a pretty torrid pace, I was disappointed to find out that there were no shops in site, just a bunch of old stone monuments. I decided to make the most of it and headed first towards the Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool and then I came across the DC War Memorial (Did I mention it was 90 degrees and very humid? Holy Hades!).

War Mem

After bothering an Italian tourist for a picture, I was on my way again. This time I was reversing course to the far end of the Mall towards Capitol Hill. Time to show these fools how to run things!

Cap Hill

Overall, this was my most inspired run. I totally fed off of the historic vibe and regality of DC. The only issue I ran into (pun intended) was dehydration. If not for the heat sapping my energy stores (gee thanks Skittles) this could have been my fastest run of the season (6:34 for first 3 miles).

Washington DC represents the beacon of freedom worldwide and serves as a canvas for some of the most astounding monuments. With the physical beauty coupled with the bounding energy of its inhabitants, there’s no wonder why there were so many runners (and running groups) out and about until all hours. When in DC, I encourage you to set aside time to take an inspired run through our history…and our present.


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