Literally running my butt off

For any of you who knew me but a couple of years ago, you’d remember a guy who was stocky, compact and somewhat powerfully built. I loved to lift and hated cardio. Times have certainly changed as now I’m down roughly 45 pounds and at times I find it quite tedious to trudge on into Gold’s Gym and get my lift on. As one who had my “come to Jesus” moment with running, I never want to revert back to the “I pick things up and put them down” ways. However, I better get my shrinking posterior back in the gym…occasionally.

Where’d your ass go?

This is a funny question that caused a funny reaction. To someone who grew up having a ghetto booty (well maybe not that big), this comment could be seen as complimentary rather than a derogatory; however when uttered to me by my wife, I could tell there was some criticism belying the comment. Some would have been offended or guarded when their weight is questioned; however I took this constructively. The reality is I’ve been slacking in a key component that has hindered my success in races and will continue to do so if I don’t respect it.

With that being said, making the time isn’t easy. In my religious devotion to running, I find it hard to justify taking a day to lift rather than grind out a long run. This has caused me to be negligent in my weight training, yet now that I’m constructing my 16 week plan to shape myself into a marathoner, I’ve realized the adverse effects this negligence has had on me over the past few months:

  • 4/7 Great Bay Half Marathon: Side stitches from mile 7-8 due to weak diaphragm and missed 1:30 goal…finished 1:32.
  • 5/4 Total Image 10K: Lack of kick in final mile to close gap and place in top 5…finished 8th.

These examples coupled with my wife’s comment has led me to ensure that my running plan will include a weekly, intensive weight session (gotta get my ass back), as well as a weekly yoga session (P90X style, not that sweaty stuff with fit chicks in Lululemon yoga pants…wait, what?!).

In reality, as runners we must make sure we’re hitting the weights, not just to strengthen our legs, but to develop our core, upper back and chest as well. All of these muscle groups are vital for good running posture and contribute to our ability to run faster and for longer. So with that in mind, “I pick moderately heavy things up and put them down” all in the name of getting my booty back. 

Gotta get back to this...

Gotta get back to doing this…regularly

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  1. I love this! I hear you on sacrificing lifting to get my running in instead, but it’s so so important. Let’s do some squats, woo!! I’m considering joining a local yoga studio to mix things up a bit and to learn the moves correctly for future training. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • There she is and talking about doing yoga to boot…my day is now complete 😉

      It’s so tough to justify going to the gym isn’t it?! Especially when you look outside and it’s amazing out. I just finished my training plan and have thrown in yoga on Mondays and will do some weights on my lighter running days during the week.

      Why can’t we just be professional runners?!

  2. Apparently I needed to sign up in order to like this! Good luck with your training! Namaste

  3. I was a runner for many many years. In the early years, all I did was run.. no weights, just running. I felt if a little was good, a lot had to be better! After 3 stress fractures, the last one in my greater trochanter, which put me out of commission for nearly a year, I started lifting those weights! Haven’t had a stress fracture since. Strength training is good stuff! 🙂 Best of luck to you! And thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    • I saw that. Quite a number of marathons and halfs under your belt! Very impressive.

      Congrats on the focus and passion towards your newer endeavors and best of luck moving forward! Look forward to your thoughts in the future.

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