It’s always sunny in Albanyia

“April showers bring May flowers” my butt, More like “April flowers bring May showers and June monsoons”. To all of you that happen to live somewhere other than New England, you’ll have to bear with me, it’s just my inner Bostonian bitterness coming out. With that being said, Mother Nature is a bizzle.

Phew, off my chest…

This week’s work adventures have be back out in the Empire State’s capital city. I’m not going to lie; I look forward to my monthly visit out here as the crew I cover for work in Albany is awesome.  Sure, I’m away from my family and that sucks, but it could be worse, I could have to run in the pouring horizontal rain at 5:30 AM after a crappy night’s sleep…oh wait.

On my drive out on Monday, I challenged myself to push for a sub-20 min 5k for Tuesday morning’s run. I had all the intentions of doing it when I woke up Tuesday Morning. I had all intentions of doing it as I walked outside into the deluge. I even had all intentions of doing it while I was out on my run. So did I did it, right?

I had it in the bag after one mile, opting to be tactical, especially since I didn’t have a rabbit to chase. So instead of going out blazing, I went out at a 6:35/mi pace, but at about 1 ½ miles, I lost focus for about a quarter of a mile and that was my undoing. After the realization, I pushed hard, but in realizing my lapse of focus cost me my shot, I could only muster the last mile at 6’25”. I finished this one in 20:30 (6:35/mi), 28 seconds off my personal best.

Rain Watch

But it’s all good, I’m happy with that, especially since I was soggy as all get-up and my shoes were double in weight compare to when I started the run.

After I dried off, I felt like an arthritic old man (read achy to the core); however did nothing about it. Instead, I chose to go through the day sore and miserable. Luckily for me, we had a client event after work that lasted until 8:30, so I wasn’t tired at all by the end of the day (sarcasm).

Normally, I would’ve crashed the second I got back to the hotel, but in this case, my mind was fixated on one thing, drawing an ice bath! All I can say is that my legs officially loved me.

As for my next attempt to break 20 minutes for a 5k, it will come at the HASLAW Mile & 5K races in Manchester, NH on July 3rd. I am hoping that day to absolutely destroy my PRs for the mile (5:47) and 5K (20:02).

Anyone else have PRs they are looking to top here in the near future?


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  1. Aw man, running in the rain is worse!

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