I guess Mother Nature didn’t like being called a “bizzle” in my last post. To get back at me, she decided to rain on my morning run parade yet again, but this time I wasn’t having it. After the 1st Annual Albany Monsoon 5k earlier in the week, I was left sapped and achy for the rest of the day. Considering I have a class tonight, all day tomorrow and Sunday, I opted to hit up my other arch nemesis, the treadmill.

There are few things runner dislike more than the monotony of running on a revolving pernival belt. Running is about freedom and taking in the scenery, unfortunately for yours truly, the Gold’s Gym in Merrimack is horribly deficient in scenery at five o’clock.


So, how to salvage this crappy start to the day? After about three minutes of lazily pounding pernival, I decided to do something to make this interesting, so I opted for negative splits:

  • 5 min @ 6.5 (9:30/mi)
  • 10 min @ 7 (8:34/mi)
  • 5 min @ 7.5 (8:00/mi)
  • 10 min @ 8 (7:30/mi)
  • 5 min @ 8.5 (7:03/mi)
  • 10 min @ 9 (6:39/mi)
  • 3 min Cool Down

Overall, it did make the time go by a lot faster and oddly, I liked it. Another positive of running at the gym is that you sweat more than a fat man after an all-you-can-eat buffet, so I came out weighing 178 (score). Maybe this isn’t that bad. Maybe now I won’t dread hitting up the treadmill in the future. Maybe next time I’ll Fartlek (oh grow up people)!

Now if only we could work on the scenery!

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