Week 1: Yoga, Gnocchi and a PR

Week 1

When I creating my marathon running plan I did not notice that Week 1 was about 10 miles under my weekly average. Logically, this would lead one to think this week would be a breeze. Oddly, I am writing this with a bag of frozen gnocchi on my left hamstring and an ice pack on my right knee…wtf!

Overall, the week was a productive one and I even achieved a personal record during it. I’d say the two most memorable takeaways of Week 1 were:

  1. The return of Yoga X (P90X) into my regimen, and
  2. Running my first sub-20 min 5K.

I was trying to figure what would be the most productive cross-training to add to the plan. The choice was easy once I recalled the flexibility and core stability/strength that I obtained while doing twisting triangles, royal dancers and warrior poses a couple years back. I attributed a lot of this to Yoga X so why not re-introduce this…certainly can’t hurt. Plus, I look great in Lululemon yoga pants…JK!

Overall, the mileage on Friday was boring to look at (3 miles), so I decided to have a go at sub-20 for 5k. This was inspired by the realization that I did not want my first sub-20 to be during a “fast 5k” on July 3rd.  I started out great and my form was superb. I finished the 5k in 19’43” and the sense of accomplishment was immense. What a great way to start the day! Yet now I’m left asking myself, “can I accomplish sub-19 during the HASLAW Manchester 5k” in 2 weeks?

photo (1)

This week’s teachable moment: don’t stop at the gym and do squats and RDLs half way through a run…stupid idea that leads to frozen gnocchi on your hamstrings at some point during the weekend.

Don't let this happen to you...

How were your runs this past weekend?

Anyone else love gnocchi?

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8 replies

  1. Oh no! Hope those injuries clear up asap! Never used gnocchi to ice before…frozen peas are my preference 😉

    • Haha thanks, It’s actually a lot better. I didn’t pull it; but had a bunch of twitching and fatigue that just made things uncomfy.

      As for the use of gnocchi, it was the only frozen product that was malleable enough (no peas, berries, etc). Sometimes you have to dig deep and cave in to the starches.

  2. Great 5K time. Congrats on the PR!

  3. Congrats on the PR! I always envy those who can do a less-than-20-minute-5k (I’m a pretty slow runner). Hope your hamstring heals quick! Try getting a massage or foam rolling on your hamstring– it always helps me!

    • Thanks 🙂

      Hammy is good today, between the gnocchi and yoga this morning I think I’m good. More fatigued than anything I guess. Totally need a massage, but the sadistic pain from the foam roller does the trick too! Good advice.

      Hope you had a productive running weekend!

  4. Awesome training plan and way to go on your 5k PR! I’ve been thinking about adding yoga to my training plan this year too I think it would really help stretch things out. I love Gnocchi too, I bet it’s way better than ice 😉 get well soon!

    • Haha, if nothing else it’s more interesting to write about than ice 😉 Hammy is feeling better, but just tired. Definitely time to schedule a massage, just got to find a good masseuse!

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