Rewind: 33 hours in D.C.

The past 33 hours were a mixed bag of craziness. Most notably, capped off by another successful work visit to our nation’s capital. This particular jaunt to D.C. was riddled with unique, colorful and at times taxing events. Considering I’m currently 32,000 feet in the air, what better time to provide some commentary, in reverse chronological order (I obviously wrote this last night).

11:40 PM – Finished writing Rewind: 33 hours in D.C.

11:15 PM – Airborne and annoyingly turbulent…yuck.

10:50 PM – Boarding, let’s get this pig in the air!

10:20 PM – Gate change…head over to Gate 23 lemmings.

9:15 PM – Brutal t-storm…Flight delayed from 9:50 to 10:50. Fun.

8:15 PM –  Departed from Cava Mezze just as the torrential downpour began and arrived at Reagan Int’l only to end up waiting in line behind Jesus Shuttlesworth. Seriously people, let the man go through a ticket line without having to hear each of your life’s stories and how much he means to you!

On a side note, Ray had no clue what a “Davey Johnson Comeback” is, therefore he’s uncool.

7:40ish PM – The birth of the “Davey Johnson Comeback”. If I get drunk enough, I just may share what this means.

7:10 PM – G-Love’s Alex (not the one from earlier) meets us out and is joined by friends. Very cool crew with intense and heralded backgrounds.

7:00 PM – Jon can’t make it because it’s pizza night on The Hill. Translation: legislators procrastinated until the last minute so analysts and staff suffers…and eat pizza. Damn appropriations bills. Next time buddy!

6:35 PM – Arrived with G-Love at Cava Mezze for drinks and dinner. Great Mediterranean tapas, including saganaki…cheese + fire = YES PLEASE! Hopefully, Jon, a former college football teammate of mine, will be meeting us.

The Flames of Saganaki! Sounds terrifying doesn't it?!

The Flames of Saganaki!
Sounds terrifying doesn’t it?!

5:15 PM – Time to grab a drink G-Love and Alex (or Adam, whatever his name is) over at Elephant & Castle. Silly name, good 10-Cane Mojito.

8:30 AM–5:00 PM – Really successful work visit with a terrific crew. Momentum has shifted during these past couple months working with them and I see nothing but great things to come for all of them.


Trol...certainly have never gotten that one before. Earl or Darrell, yes. But never Trol.

Trol…certainly have never gotten that one before. Earl or Darrell, yes. But never Trol.

8:15 AM – Head to SBUX with my boy Joe D. Guy at the counter takes my name and writes it on the cup. Gotta love that morning coffee fix.

7:30-8:00 AM – Quite possibly the most humid outdoor walk I’ve ever experienced. Never thought the trek from Rhode Island to K St could be so brutal…I was sweating like Joey Chestnut after he ate 69 hotdogs.

6:15 AM – Yup, already back at the hotel after what was easily the worst run of my life. Slow, GI annoyingness (damn Ethiopian food…tmi?) and Mother Nature hates D.C. Two really bad runs on this trip.

5:45 AM – WAKE UP! Time to run. Was immediately greeted by a wall of humidity that makes one appreciate NH’s 60-80% humidity.

10:30 PM-5:45 AM – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

8:45-10:30 PM – Round 1: Erol. Round 2: Christine. Round 3: Christine. Round 4: TKO, Christine Wins.

8:00 PM – Bath time. Read a terrific article by Baratunde Thurston in the most recent issue of Fast Company. “Unplug” is an article recounting Baratunde’s disengaging from the digital world for 25 days. I will be doing this very soon!

Phenomenal read...#Unplug

Phenomenal read…#Unplug

7:00 PM – Realized that the route I walked to Etete was amazingly inefficient. There…35 minutes. Back…20 min.

6:15 PM – Found my Ethiopian spot on U Street: Etete. The best tomato salad I’ve ever had to start and then spicy lentils served on Sponge Bob Squarepants. In addition, the Tej (honey wine) went really well with the dish. I’m officially a huge fan!

Yemisir Wat & Ethiopian Honey Wine...fantastic!

Yemisir Wat & Ethiopian Honey Wine…fantastic!

4:00 PM – Run Fatboy Run. What the hell is wrong with me? Last week’s runs were tremendous and I throw down a crappy one after a day off. WTF?!

3:00 PM – Arrive at Doubletree on Rhode Island. Pretty cool how they realized I was a high-roller and upgraded me to a top-floor suite. Big pimpin’, spending G’s! Fantastic hotel.

2:30 PM – Helloooooo Washington D.C.! Without a doubt, my favorite city in the U.S.

"Here I come to save the day!"

“Here I come to save the day!” I miss Mighty Mouse.

What’s your favorite U.S. city?

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  1. I’m glad to see you had such a great time in D.C. That honey wine sounds so good. Glad you made it back safe!

  2. I heart NYC…shhh don’t tell anyone though since I live in SF

  3. Okay, now I’ve read you’re a runner (obv), you used to cycle, AND you used to play football in college? i need to do more things with my life. immediately.

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