Pass Me a Green Drink!

Hey, she likes her mojito sweet
To kill what little’s left of the modesty
Hey, let’s get out of this second verse
Be on our wicked way ’till daylight hurts.

Not really sure why I included the lyrics to Mojito Girl by Europe, but I did…

My true motive is to discuss how I need to get my tail in gear. Ever since my last marathon came and went, I’ve been lacking motivation. Back in August when I explained why I “unplugged”:

I need to focus. Not like, “oh, I did my best” focus. I’m talking legit Kenyan “if I don’t focus I’ll get my ass eaten by a lion” focus.

Heading into the Smuttynose, I had a lot of reasons to be optimistic:

  • Ran a good marathon in May, especially considering a 20 degree heat-spike roughly 1/2 way through,
  • Developed a terrific running plan,
  • Was better than normal with my diet,
  • Worked on different mental exercises to prepare,
  • The course was very flat, and
  • I trained like a beast.

So what happened? Let’s stick with bullet points:

  • I slept great,
  • Felt extremely strong at the start,
  • Blazed through the first 13ish miles

and then,

  • Pit-stop,
  • Rain and temperature drop,
  • Cramp in right hammy,
  • Cramp in left hammy,
  • Knee pain, in other words…”I got my ass eaten by a lion”.

So after about two years without a real break, it finally caught up to me and I lost motivation to run. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t relaxing. It became a chore.

Alas, my malaise has evaporated. The past is the past and I’m ready to get back at it. Not just ready to run, but I NEED TO RUN. I crave it even more than I crave an epic bottle of wine!

Cold Run

There’s only one problem…I live in New Hampshire and it’s the dead of winter (see above). “That’s a bummer man” to quote The Dude (if you don’t know who The Dude is, I’m not sure we can be friends). Thus, it’s not exactly safe to run on the streets around here at 5 AM, so I’ll be confined to, and getting creative on, the treadmill. Regardless, whether on a treadmill or running down DW Highway, I’m ready to take on another season of running. Only this year, no marathons. I want to build myself up right, so a bunch of 5ks through half marathons will be on the docket. My goal is to place in the 5ks I run.

With that said, there will be far less wine pics in my Instagram feed (@senelworldwide)…it’s time to get back on it and eat healthy. So hand me my favorite green drink and watch out!


Haha…don’t want you guys to think I’m too serious 😉 And now you know why I started things off with Mojito Girl. My favorite green drink!

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6 replies

  1. Good to see you back! I was wondering how the marathon went. Mine was similar. I hope you warm up. We are going to be a low of 8 degrees tonight (in Bama). Crazy weather.

  2. Oh cool you’re doing the Run to Remeber. That’s a fast and flat course. Maybe we should meet at Legal Seafoods again for some Insignia.

  3. Crave running more than an epic bottle of wine?! Say it isn’t so…. jkjk I know what you mean… not necessarily with running, but teaching/working out. I did get to run outside on Sunday, but with the temps in the teens and wind chill in the negatives, it’s just not appropriate to run outside right now 🙂

    • Too funny! Well, depending on what I had for dinner the night before, yes…I sometimes crave running more, haha. Awesome that you were able to get outside, I wish I could, but the shoulders just have way too much snow up here. Guess I don’t feel like dying!

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