Why #Unplug?

Disclaimer: It’s not you, it’s me. There comes a point when people just ask themselves “why?”: Why do I bother working out? Why do I forgo cookie dough ice cream for breakfast…or lunch? Why sacrifice actual moments to share pictures… Read More ›

Rewind: 33 hours in D.C.

The past 33 hours were a mixed bag of craziness. Most notably, capped off by another successful work visit to our nation’s capital. This particular jaunt to D.C. was riddled with unique, colorful and at times taxing events. Considering I’m currently… Read More ›

A New Direction

People are such fickle creatures. We embrace free speech, yet when someone talks about something we don’t approve of, the natural inclination of some is to take them down. In light of some petty shenanigans that took place at work,… Read More ›